Back To School: Outfits- First day of school

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Hello Everybody. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far and thank you for taking the time to read (even though you just look at the pictures) my blog.
Today’s blog post is a continuation of my #BTSwithMatida series. Today I am going to be talking about picking a first day of school outfit, not so much actually outfits to wear on the first day of school. Don’t be too upset with me that post is still coming. Yet I do feel that there is more stress when it comes to picking the first day of school outfit than wearing the first day of school outfit.
So as always you will see some quick tips throughout this blog post so look out for those.
So when picking a back to school outfit I feel that there is one major component we all kind of feel but do not think that much on and no it’s not practicality although that is still something you should think about and will still be a tip.
Actually it’s confidence. I know so many people already know that and hey I hate to sound like a broken record because everyone would tell you that but it is completely true. If you want your first day of school to be an amazing scene from high school musical or any other iconic high school movie then as cliche as it might sound confidence is key. I mean it’s like when you have had a long day and you feel super icky and you take a long bath or shower and you come out feeling like a whole other person. Same with clothing and confidence.
When you have on clothing you are confident in, no one can make you feel bad about what you are wearing. So that is why I say the first thing you should be considering when picking a first day of school outfit is confidence. plus it just makes all of these other steps super easy.
My next tip would be comfort. When picking your first day of school outfit I would say comfort is a very important aspect because you will not just be sitting around all day. You will be walking around for the next 7-8 classes and from experience the classes are not always a short distance from each other and you have to do a bit of walking. So you do not want to pick a first day of school outfit that is not comfortable because being uncomfortable all day is not going to put you in the best mood and no one wants to have a bad first day. And yes I have heard the saying beauty is pain but let me just say that is completely false because you can be beautiful and still be comfortable.
(Quick tip: Apply these tips to other aspects of your first day of school outfit like shoes, accessories, hairstyles, etc.)
Next tip I have is to think first impression. By that I mean when you are picking out your first outfit make sure your outfit is completely you. That when you put it on you do not feel like you have on a costume but that you feel like when someone sees you they are going to see your personality shining through your clothing.
(Quick tip: Your clothing should not make a personality for you but your personality should show through the clothing)
Nothing is worse than wearing a costume on the first day of school because then you put on a mask and pretend to be something your not and not only is that just bad for first impressions but it’s just not good to make a false identity because the mask eventually comes off and then you will be around people  you do not actually want to be around and it just mess’s up your entire year, plus it just takes way to much energy to be something your not trust me.
Last but not least my last tip would be practicality which I feel is super self explanatory. If you know that it is going to be a super hot day the first day of school then you most likely do not want to put on a black leather jacket (even though I would do that). In anything you do I feel it is good to evaluate how practical it is so that is why I included this in my tips for back to school because it is just an all around good tip.
That’s all for today. There is no outfit just because my next post are outfit ideas.
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Tip Overview:

1. Confidence is key

2. Comfort is beauty 

3. You make the clothes so make sure they represent you well.

4. Practicality is always the best policy 

Back To School: Shopping

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Back to School: Shopping
Welcome back to my blog. Today’s blog post is going to be a continuation of my #BTSwithMatida  series. Today we will be branching off from my last blog post was talking about picking the perfect backpack and clothing color schemes for back to school shopping. In this blog  post I am going to be elaborating on the clothing part of back to school.
So lets start with what I was talking about Monday. Which was the clothing color scheme. A clothing color scheme is having a set theme of colors that you feel are versatile and can be worn together in many different ways. So more for your buck.
The clothing color scheme is a really helpful method. It allows for you to avoid buying unnecessary clothing, coming home realizing nothing goes together, and like I said before you get more for your buck (and who doesn’t love that). Not only is having a clothing color scheme good for clothing but as I brought up in my last blog post it can also help with finding the perfect book bag , accessories, and even shoes.
Once you have a color scheme. You can get to the fun part and that is actually going shopping.
(My clothing color scheme is black, white, cream, beige, denim, gray, red, yellow, and burnt orange.) (Not that you guys care)
While you are shopping something I would recommend going with someone you trust and will tell you the truth about the clothing you are trying on (does something good or bad on you). The trick with this is bringing someone who has similar style than you so that way the reason you guys don’t agree on style isn’t because you don’t have similar styles.
While you are shopping remember that it is important to remember practically. By practicality I mean that something isn’t to short and you are going to grow of it. Or that something is to tight and you will only wear once. This even apply’s to shoes and accessories. For example if you buy a leather jacket with silver hardware you probably want to wear a silver watch with it rather than a gold watch. An example for shoes would be if you are in high school or college you most likely can wear sandals but if you live in a city that has a more topical climate and rains a lot you most likely want to invest in 1 pair of sandals but you shouldn’t spend all of your money on sandals maybe buy more sneakers or durable flats.
Since we are on the topic of shoes let’s talk about some practical shoes. I do not feel that  sandals and flip flops are that practical only because you wear them for a short time out of the school year (unless you live somewhere like Florida). So I would recommend something like sneakers  they are versatile and practical.
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It is fine if you are not a sneaker fan you can go for a versatile flat.
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Now lets talk about some accessories. I know accessories that are practical and cute sounds like a fairy tale but I feel they’re are some accessories that are just that. A fairy tale.
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So that is all for today. An overview of all the tips will be below. Every back to school post will have outfit post from now one.
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Back To School Shopping Tips:

1.  Have a clothing color scheme

2. Go with someone who has a similar style but honest

3. Think practicality