First Day Of School Tips & Tricks

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Hey Everyone. Thanks for reading another #BTSwithMatida post. Today’s blog post is going to be a First day of school advice post. Most of this blog post will be in pictures. So let’s not dilly nor dally lets just get right to get. There will be quick tip’s through out the blog post so look out for those.
So this tip seems to be something we all do naturally for the first day but it doesn’t hurt to just reiterate it. This is pretty self explanatory but the night before the first day of school have everything you will need prepared. For example make sure you know what hairstyle you are going to do, what makeup look do you want to do, and having everything you will need in your backpack. Having yourself prepared the day before just saves a lot of time in the morning plus being prepared keeps you from being more nervous for the first day of school than you will already be.
(Quick tip: Have a list so you don’t forget what to do)
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After you have done everything in your list you probably are feeling a ton of emotions and don’t know what to do. It will most likely be harder for you to go to sleep and one quick tip for that would be to speak out loud all of the thing’s you want to happen on the first day of school. It may seem a bit strange to just talk aloud all of the things you want to happen on the first day but once you just say all of the good things you want to happen, the bad things you don’t want to happen, or just anything that’s on your mind. You will feel way less nervous and more calm which will help you go to sleep.
(Quick Tip: Say your school expectations before you go to sleep)
So now that you’ve gone to sleep my next tip would be.
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Waking up earlier than you would do normally on a school day gives you more time to get ready. Also you just have more time to control your nerves (or at least try to). And since you have already prepared a everything the night before you don’t have to worry about something going wrong.
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This next tip is definitely a tip that helps to get over the nerves of the first day of school. If you make a playlist of upbeat songs that just get you in a good mood it really pumps you up for school.
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When you are on your way to school you are either calm and collected or even more nervous than before and so many thoughts are going through your head. So while you are on your way to school call your friends and have a specific spot that you will all meet so that you are not just walking into the new year alone. Plus majority of the time your friends are feeling just as nervous or way more nervous than you.
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My last tip would be to just think positive and don’t let your nerves get the best of you because if you think negative the whole day you will have a bad day. So just think positive and be yourself.
That’s all for today.
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