My name is Matida ( But you already knew that) and this is my blog. I guess I will start off by telling you guy’s a little more about me. Just like I said before my name is Matida and I am in high school I won’t go into to much detail just for safety purposes but you guys understand that, right? Well back to what I was saying: I am in high school, I have always love clothing and dress up, I have a tendency to make plans (Obsessively) and usually they are more for the future which is a gift and a curse, I have a lot of confidence in myself but I haven’t always been like this, I love interior design for some reason, If I see any movie I will want to act like the main character ( for example the movie taken), I met my best friend in my freshman year of high school, I love chocolate, I love my family and God, Jesus, I like to write my blog post as if I am actually talking to my readers, I hope to start a clothing line, I also want to be a lawyer when I am older, I have always wanted straight A’s for a whole school year, I want to try planner decorating (I’m bored sometimes), I don’t wear pants. That’s all you get for now 🙂

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