Back To School: Supplies

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Hello Everyone and welcome back to another blog post. Today is a continuation of my #BTSwithMatida series and we are going to be talking about school supplies. I’m talking planners to pencils and notebooks to clipboards.

(Quick tip: when you are going back to school supply shopping bring a list)

If your school doesn’t have open campus which is basically where they send you your schedule in the mail (in high school) and they have a day where you can visit the school and see where your classes are, meet your teachers, and get supply list. Then I will go ahead and tell you the basic essentials. You can tailor this list to have more or less of something of need be.

Basic school supplies:

1. Pencils & Pens. 

Papermate in my opinon are the best but all in all I would recommend mechanical pencils over wooden pencils just because mechanical are way less maintenance.

3. College ruled notebook paper

4. At least 3 notebooks (college ruled)

5. A planner

Just because you have to be in school doesn’t mean you can’t have nice notebooks. My major recommendation for pocking notebooks is try to find folders or binders that mach color wise just so you can split them in subjects.

6. A pencil pouch to keep your pencils in.

It is really important to have a planner especially in high school just so you can stay organized through out the year. And the good thing about planners is they come in so many different shapes and sizes so they can fit any type of needs. A tip for picking a planner would be to get a weekly and monthly planner just so you have mor versatility.

And that is pretty much it. Im just kidding you didn’t really think I would just leave you with that. Like I said in my last post i’m going to be sharing first day of school looks with you guys.

So this look I feel is really good for a first or second day of school. 

This outfit is more on the casual, model off duty side but I still really like it. I choose this really basic white graphic tee that says “in tees we trust” which would look great tucked in or even tied in a knot. Especially with this really nice faux leather pleated skirt. The skirt definitely glams up this outfit a bit more plus pleats are really trendy right now.

For outerwear I went for the classic destressed denim jacket. This one in particular is my favorite because it has a hole right where your elbow would be plus it is just a really nice light denim color that is really flattering on mant skin tones.

For acessories I kept it really minimal with just a simple wrap and tie chocker that is really flattering to the neck and compliments the color of the skirt. Along with that I wpuld wear some sort of arm candy but I didn’t put any here I would opt for maybe a black watch or even just a simple bracelet. 

For shoes I went for the classic and trendy Nike’s in black and white. I feel that the shoes complete that model off duty look and gives the outfit that extra casualness especially for school.

Even if there was something you didn’t like about this outfit I will be doing more every week so look forward to that plus you can always change something about the outfit to make it more your style. 

I hope you all liked this weeks post 

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My next blog post is going up on Wednesday.


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