Welcome to B2S season

Back T0 School

Today’s post is going to be starting my #BTSwithMatida series and I am super excited to be back blogging. So I  will be doing a post about my own back to school experience soon, so stay tuned for that and I hope to hear from you guys about your back to school experience as well.

Today’s post is going to be regarding something that I feel we all do but don’t think that much about and that’s picking out a backpack. Now this seems like something very small and unimportant but in fact your backpack is the accessory to every outfit you wear from the beginning to the last day of school (if it doesn’t break or get dirty).

Which is why you should always pick a backpack that you feel.

A: Complements your style.


B: Is a color that can go with a lot of the clothes you wear.

But before getting to my tips on how to pick the perfect backpack we have to talk about the thing that effects every student unless you are in a private school and that is clothing. Every morning you have to pick out something to wear and some days are better than others but you still have to wear clothing (I hope). So I wanted to give you guys a quick tip about back to school shopping.

When you go back to school shopping it can be very overwhelming seeing so many styles, colors, and patterns. So my tip for not getting lost in what you wanted and ending up getting clothing pieces you will never wear is before you go back to school shopping have a clothing color scheme. That may sound crazy but it really helps to keep you from becoming overwhelmed. I would recommend picking colors that you feel are interchangeable so that you can make more outfits, plus you get more for your money.

(Some examples of clothing color scheme below)

Now that you have your color scheme it will make finding a backpack so much simpler. When you are picking your backpack keep in mind whether you want an accent backpack.

Untitled #295

Or a neutral colored backpack.

Untitled #296

And with that also comes whether you want patterned or plain.

Untitled #297

Well that’s all for today but I will be back Friday for another #BTSwithMatida blog post. Also Down below I have some backpack tips and some more backpack examples plus the color scheme example.

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Backpack Tips:

1. Find something durable.

2. Find something that will go with majority if not all of your clothing.

3. Make sure it feels comfortable on the shoulders when there is weight on it .

4. Be happy with it I mean you have to keep it for a while.

How to keep your backpack from getting dirty:

1. Do not put it on the floor of the school (if you can).

2. Do not  lean on the wall with your backpack on.

3. Have a spot for your backpack (not on the floor) at home.



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